Monday, June 29, 2020

'New Cases' Propaganda Example

I just heard this on the No Agenda Show: Open a browser and search for any 3-digit number plus the words 'new cases'.

Use any search engine. Rinse and repeat with a different 3-digit number. Ponder the results and ask yourself why anyone trusts the mainstream press. For an analysis of what's going on here listen the the podcast linked to above.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Deleting History Only To Repeat It

Must have used the 'N' word.

What a novel and modern idea to tear down statues and delete people from history.

Well, maybe not so novel. And maybe not so ironic is the fact that today's Vandals seem to have no idea of the history they wish to alter. Given the reputation of western 'higher education' for the past 30 years I suppose that ignorance is to be expected. 

President Woodrow Wilson has become the latest SJW non-person. What's funny (as in giggle-worthy) is that President Wilson was one of the biggest liberal/democrat/progressives of the 20th Century. I always thought the guy was a douchebag but I never wanted him erased!

But whatever.

In ancient history, stretching back to the dim morning twilight of the 2000's, the Taliban (remember them?) blew up some Buddha statues because Buddha was such a flaming infidel and the whole world lost its collective shit. I remember the breathless coverage, every newsreader sounding like proponents of genocide against the Taliban.

But that was so long ago, way back before #MeToo and MAGA hats.

If you want to really go back in history, the ancient Egyptians defaced statues of the previous rulers as a way of altering history. 'Pharaoh who? Never heard of the bum.' And probably a lot of average Egyptians got their knickers in a twist and debated whether the  obsolete statues should be destroyed or go into a museum. 

But, whoa - that was back before Twitter itself!

I'm an old man and I want the old ways back. I want 'my' country back. I'm not just uncomfortable, I am quite frankly terrified. But these cultural revolutions don't happen often. So I'm strapped in on this roller coaster and hangin' on for dear life. I'll just scream like a 12-year-old girl and try to enjoy the ride! lol

The picture at the top has long been a favorite of mine. Don't like someone? Delete him

I've read an embarrassing number of books about Stalin, Mao, Hitler and the origins of the Cold War and a few things stand out. First, it didn't end well for a lot of people. Historians still debate the number of millions of people were killed by this unholy trinity. 

Secondly, all three wanted to drastically alter their respective societies to make those societies better. They believed nothing short of revolution would root out the entrenched evils that were leading their countries to ultimate cultural rot. Considered in isolation, not such an ignoble aspiration.

But what stands out more than anything in the context of today's trendy deletion of people who may have retroactively offended us is how traditional this really all is. Sometimes I feel like we're watching someone drill a hole in a disk and yell in glee 'Look! I've invented the wheel!'

Maybe it'll be moar rounderer this time. Or maybe not.

King Solomon (or whoever wrote Ecclesiastes) was right when he said there was nothing new under the sun. 

I just haven't made up my mind whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Of Rioters and Rats

A buddy of mine blogged about the current racial arson fad and I left a comment that went a wee bit long. God bless him for accepting it. You should be following My Humble But Accurate Opinion because even when he's wrong (that happened once last year) he's interesting.

Since I spent a few minutes writing it I figured I'd recycle it here:

These are adults and should be dealt with as adults. Looters should be shot on sight. Violence should be immediately met with overwhelming force.

We need to get to the root of the problem, which has nothing to do with police brutality, racism or any of the other bloody rags we keep getting waved in our faces.

In the mid 1970's the US developed a type of nuclear warhead called the Enhanced Radiation Warhead, or ERW, commonly referred to as the Neutron Bomb. The idea was to knock out Soviet tanks in case of attack. Warsaw Pact tanks far outnumbered NATO tanks. The principle of operation is very interesting and easy to understand.

The ERW scared the crap out of the Soviets since their advantage in tanks would be mooted overnight if we deployed the ERW in Western Europe.

Well, wouldn't you know it, Europeans (mainly West Germans as I recall) turned out in droves to protest the Neutron Bomb. I remember one line of agitprop: 'The Neutron Bomb will kill everyone in a city without destroying it so the greedy rich Americans will be able to move in and take everyone's stuff.'

I knew at the time that and other similar lines of reasoning were rubbish but what I didn't know until years later was that the whole protest movement was not a 'grassroots' movement at all. The Soviets were behind the entire protest movement.

And it worked.

I don't know who's behind our current 'unrest'. The Chinese, the Russians, George Soros...but this isn't just another spontaneous uprising, not when you have the BBC interviewing British protesters, all with similarly smelling verbal flatulence.

The vast majority of the protesters don't even realize they're being used as cannon fodder in the culture war and our incurious press is more than happy to go along with anything could even possibly make President Trump look bad.

I hope the plan backfires right in their SJW faces.

There's an article that explains the story of the Soviet anti-ERW propaganda program in more depth here. I missed a few details but got the substance correct. If you want the lowdown on the ERW or neutron bomb, start with this Wikipedia article. These evil, wicked devices are actually simpler, smaller and lighter than our cuddly old friends, traditional thermonuclear warheads.

I go on about it because I distinctly recall the whole thing. For a long time I've struggled with huge blank spots in my memory. But I remember reading about the ERW and actually understanding (basically) how it worked. And I remember reading about the protests and the feeling I had there something was wrong with the picture. 

When I read about the real source of the protests I had one of those life-changing 'aha' moments. The scales, or some of them at least, fell away. 

I have that feeling now, the smell of a rat in my snout. Rats all smell the same to me so I can't say who the rat is but there is most certainly a rat in our midst. And it's having a good laugh at our expense.

Let me be clear, the murder of George Floyd while three cops watched the live snuff porn show enrages me. The immediate response - firing the four officers but not arresting them - was just salt in the wound. It's beyond race. It's beyond hate crime or civil rights violations. It's plain old-fashioned cold-blooded murder. 

But all the virtue signalling and everyone falling over themselves to demonstrate how unracisit they are is getting really old really quick. It's irrational. It reminds me of the 'gay' fad a few years back when everyone was posting signs saying they were 'gay friendly'. Or the green weenie thing with companies and celebrities trumpeting how 'green' they are. 

It's all eyewash. They think that by putting the blood of the sacrificial rhetoric lamb on their doors the plague of the social justice warriors will pass their houses over. But the SJW's demands will only grow until everyone gets bored with the whole thing and we all move on the the next fad.

I hope George Floyd's murderers spend the rest of their lives in prison. 

And I hope I live long enough to find out who that damned rat is.