Sunday, May 24, 2020

In Case Of Emergency, Press NETFLIX

I had to buy a DVD player recently. No, really, I had to. Three forest fairies in lingerie and Rona masks snuck in and held a gun to my head until I ordered it. They were actually kind of hot so I went along with it.

I got a Sony BDP-S6700, released around 2016. Nothing particularly special, plays DVDs and Blu-ray disks. Being a Sony fanboy, of course I like it.

But one thing stands out like a sore, throbbing, bleeding thumb:

Emergency Netflix button. How thoughtful!

There's a large button in the middle of the remote labeled 'NETFLIX' in all uppercase. And not just an ordinary remote button. It's one of three of the largest buttons and uniquely, it's white with red text. 

My first reaction was to wonder if people had episodes of sudden, uncontrollable, life-threatening  need for Netflix. I can see someone with chronic pain having a similar button labeled 'MORPHINE' right on their TV/DVD player remote.

But really, Netflix? Now my only question is how much did Netflix pay Sony to put this button on their remotes? It had to be a fortune. 

The only mistake they made was to use red text. Red symbolizes danger and is used in warnings. Black on white, not used on the other buttons, would have been a better choice.

Whatever, it's obnoxious.  

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  1. It's not just Sony - My 3 LG TV's, Panasonic TV, OPPO DVD all have them. I'm sure the next big thing will be to have that button on new car dashboards under the GPS screen