Saturday, April 11, 2020

Yay for Curtain Hooks!

Ever browse a shopping site and see a description that makes absolutely no sense?  You know, like this:

Curtain Hooks! YAY!

I'm vaguely curious how this happens. I always start with the assumption that people are reasonably intelligent, reasonably attentive to detail, that they care about their work and their job and so on. Most people are, after all, about average.

Was this a 'glitch'? Sure, but what kind of 'glitch'? An 'I hate Amazon and I hate Murphy Oil soap because the smell reminds my of my ex's house' glitch? Or was the product just before this one curtain hooks and the worker bee copied/pasted without realizing that the copy buffer still had the curtain hooks text? If I had time I'd search for curtain hooks on Amazon and see if any of the descriptions say 'Wood Cleaner for Wood Tables, Cabinets, Doors, and More' and 'Contains 98 percent Naturally Derived Ingredients'.

Or maybe the description for  curtain hooks says 'Murphy Oil Soap, Murphy Oil Soap, Murphy Oil Soap'.

It could even be a coded message to a one-legged Norwegian smuggler on his way to New York City with a haul of contraband cod liver oil saying the coast is clear because the police are all busy chasing hookers off the streets who aren't wearing fashionable masks! 

What is the world coming to? Must be the Covids!

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