Sunday, April 19, 2020

Pre-Coffee Woodworking

I haven't played around with wood stain since I was in junior high school. I have a small desktop synthesizer for which I bought a set of oak 'cheeks', end pieces that form a stand like in the picture below (my Blofeld is black, but you get the point):

My oak seemed pale so I got some Minwax stain and some gloss. This morning - before my first cup of coffee, I should point out - I get a rag and a piece of cardboard and get to work.

The stain is in a plastic tube and is about the consistency of catsup. The directions on the tube say a little goes a long way so I gently squeeze and nothing comes out. I squeeze a bit harder, still no joy. Finally I give it a good squeeze and of course it gushes out all over the place.

Thankfully the stain is water soluble so I was able to clean it up without too much trouble. Cleanup didn't include a shower and change of clothes so there's that.

I need to let it dry before applying the gloss. What can go wrong? The stuff's clear so even if I get it all over you shouldn't be able to see it. (I jest.)

I should have finished my coffee by then.

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