Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Odds and Ends

Whenever there's a big news story I always wonder what else is going on. As if the world stopped spinning because of COVID-19. There could be wars going on and we'd never know.

Wither Gerta Terdberger? Or are polar bears immune to the Wuhan Flu? Are all the lockdowns good for the environment? With so many fewer (that's an awkward phrase but I can't think of a better way of saying it) cars on the roads you'd think so. I'm surprised Gerta hasn't come out in favor of a permanent state of emergency.

Bi-Polar Bear

I have bars and restaurants around me here in the Cultural Center of the Universe, Highland Square. All are closed. It's a ghost town around here and even the ghosts are scurrying around in masks. At least they have plenty of parking available. I don't have a mask. I want a bra cup mask to wear around but I don't want to order a bra on Amazon. Padded would probably offer better filtration. I suppose I've given the matter too much thought.

How are you dealing with The Crisis? Is your neck of the woods (woods have necks, huh) in lockdown or are you in a more liberally-minded area? No martial law here - yet. The stores, from what I hear, are still open and have food. Did you stockpile? I did, but not much. More for the cats than me, actually. I figured it would be harder to get emergency rations for them than me if something went really haywire.

Traffic looks really light. Should make drunks easier to spot. 

Are you alone or locked up with family? Are you getting on each other's nerves yet? I heard a brief mention on the news of domestic violence rates spiking. 

I also heard that Major League Baseball is thinking of playing their games in Arizona in empty AAA/training parks. Good for our morale? I guess. Or are they trying not to lose their shirts? (Let's buy the MLB owners some shirts. Not.) After all, they still have to pay the players, might as well try to get some television revenue. And with everyone hunkered down they'd probably get bigger than usual audiences. And hey, they could even wear masks with their team logos stitched on. Damn, they could even sell the things!


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