Saturday, April 11, 2020

Asbestos Streets, Kooky?

Back in the day we did some pretty kooky things. One of the kookiest in my lifetime was paving the roads with asbestos.

Yay For Asbestos!

Yeah, that was really a thing in the 1950's and 60's. Here's the video.

Keep in mind that when bound up with other stuff - like asphalt - asbestos is harmless. Getting the asbestos mixed in with the asphalt in the first place is a little more problematic because of the dust.

While I'm rambling on about random nonsense allow me to share another piece of asbestos trivia. There's a town in Russia with (I think) the world's largest asbestos mine. If not big the hole in the ground is really big. The name of the place is Asbest and the people there have been complaining log and loudly about the hazards. They've also been moving away. 

If you want a glimpse of ghosts from the old Soviet days take a look around in Google street view and prepare to be depressed. 

5G is the currently trending tech rage but some people think it's going to cook our gray cells in vivo. Maybe, maybe not, but imagine people 50 or 60 years from now looking at YouTube videos about 5G and shaking their heads. 


Almost forgot to mention a small detail. The people who made this informative video? None other than Johns Manville, the folks selling the asbestos..

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