Monday, March 23, 2020

Sanity-Saving Window On The World

Starting to feel cooped up yet? Despair not. Actually, nevermind that, go ahead and despair. It only gets worse and the Kung-Flu-demic doesn't look like it's going to end any time real soon.

When the weather's really nasty with blowing snow and bitter cold, being stuck inside isn't so bad. You get a sense of shelter. Kinda cozy, really. But when it's nice? 'Suck' comes to mind. 

I've been stuck inside for unreasonably long periods. It's like living on a submarine only the food's worse. Here's one thing that that's made self-quarantining more tolerable.

Find a webcam and a spare computer and screen. The particulars of each don't matter as long as it all works together.

Put the webcam in a window and point it outside. Now, put the monitor somewhere you'll always be able to see it, fire up the computer and display the webcam output on the monitor.

I've had something similar set up at my desk for maybe 15 years. It makes my world a little bit bigger. I don't feel so isolated. 

Bonus tip: If you get really bored, swap the positions of the camera and monitor. You might  even be able to sell tickets.

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