Thursday, March 5, 2020

Losing My Marbles, And Loving It...Mostly

Dementia used to be called senility. If this is senility then I'm going to have an effing blast. Woe to anyone who has to take care of me.

I heard a really dumb joke a few weeks ago, goes like this: How do you shoe a horse? Answer? You wave your arms around and yell at the horse 'Shoo! Shoo!'

Here's the problem. It still makes me giggle like a little girl. Usually the nerves in a person's funnybone get saturated and stop responding after a while. Not mine. 

I was watching a program about forestry management in Japan. (That's kinda' funny right there.) These dudes and dudettes walk around with mapping laser units on their backs and map the forests. Pretty cool, actually.  But the first thing that came to mind was that they were doing...tree-d mapping. 

Taken with the accent it cracks me up. 

Maybe it's a psychological defense mechanism of some sort. My dreams and random thoughts as I lie in bed have turned morbid. Embarrassing or painful memories are surfacing more often and more persistently. Maybe things have quieted down inside of me enough to hear the distant echoes I've been pushing down all these years. Who knows?

I'd end this with another 'joke' but suddenly my funnybone is numb. 

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