Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Swimming Upstream With Fintech

When I was in elementary school back in the Pioneer days, it was customary to teach young troublemakers such as myself to read by associating a sound with an object. 'A is for Apple, B is for Banana' and so on. When was that, Kindergarbage, first grade...? I forget. I was busy goofing off. But it was early in my stunted educational experience.

Now when I hear a word, especially for the first time, I involuntarily associate the sound with an image. Maybe I was paying more attention to my smokin' HOT first grade teacher, Mrs. Soma, than I know.

The first time I heard 'fintech', here's what popped into my noggin:

Sewn on at birth, everyone would have a 5G hotspot, WiFi, smartphone and gobs of cool technology interfaced directly into their brain! AND it could be useful if you live in low-lying areas and the glaciers melt and you have to swim away from all the polar bear carcasses. 

I seriously thought it had something to do with the technology of fins. Fish are pretty cool. Or maybe technology from Finland. 

God bless Mrs. Soma and all the teachers who had to put up with my mis-wired mind. They didn't get paid enough.

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