Thursday, January 24, 2019

Llama Llyrics

I've been mostly away from social media for a year or more and forget how all this stuff works. I'm only back because I'm an insecure attention whore who needs the praise of others for self-affirmation or something. Gotta work on my psychobabble.

I started writing a poem. Don't know if I'll finish it. But it starts like this:

Tinkle tinkle, little bells
Why does llama have two 'l's?
Does a llama have 4 knees?
Does a llama ever sneeze?

Tinkle tinkle little bells
A quiet llama never yells.

A masterpiece. Now I need to add meaningful tags so when people search for 'llama poetry' they find this post. I need to setup Blogger so Helvetica is my default font instead of Velveeta or whatever it is. 

I also need to find a way of unifying my social media site postings, which is kinda why I'm writing this otherwise pointless post.  I post on 2 photography sites. Of course there's Facebag. And Twitter. Instagram is mostly phone-only. My work is meant for the big screen so I don't care so much about Instagram. 

I need a way to post once and have that post re-posted to other social media sites. It's getting to the point where taking and editing a photo is easier than uploading it then posting links everywhere else.

I think the term of art is workflow. Yeah, I need to develop my workflow. I also need to clean the cats' litterbox. Maybe I'll think about my workflow while cleaning the litterbox. How's that for multi-tasking, huh?

I just did an image search for llama bell and discovered it has something to do with Fortnite. Swell.

In case you're wondering, I'm mostly ok. Dora and Alfred are thriving. And it's snowing. I'm seriously considering baseball cleats so I have a better chance of walking on snow and ice without falling. I'll have to check with HR to see if that violates the dress code. I may need a letter from my doctor.

But first, the litterbox.

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