Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Cat Tree!

When my two little savages moved in I struggled with the idea of spending money on cat stuff. Cats are notorious for ignoring the toy and moving into the box.

Cat trees (or cat condos, or whatever) aren't cheap. $100 for a box didn't seem to attractive.  I got the thing and they were all over it even before I had it fully assembled.

Flash forward about a year. They clawed completely through one of the base posts and the tree collapsed. There was more sadness than usual in Der Furrybunker.

I'm happy to announce the arrival of the new cat tree. Much yay!

It only looks crooked because of the space-time rift off-camera to the right.

They're much happier now.  I think next year I'll pre-order the replacement. I'd rather spend $100 on something they'll destroy than have them destroy everything else. And when I walk over to it they run over and jump up to get petted and to be told what wonderful little angels they are.

Speaking of cats, I got a cordless vacuum and on the first day of use gathered up what looked like a third cat. Not bad considering that I have an Orek I use once a week or two. Funny thing though, these two are absolutely terrified of the cordless vac. If they just see me taking it out they hide under the bed for an hour. Which sucks for them because the whole point was to be able to vacuum up the occasional (daily) oopses.

'Sucks for them'. See what I did there?

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