Monday, January 23, 2017

My Cats Are Running Der Furrybunker

I should have named Dora 'Oprah'. Big, black and bossy. And scary smart. Just like Oprah except Dora's as poor as I am.

They sleep with me every night, each in his or her own spot. They both insist on being held all the time. Alfred just randomly jumps up on me, which is usually fine - except when I'm standing up. If I get advanced warning I can catch him. But sometimes I'm not looking and there he is, on my chest looking at me as if saying 'please hold on to me!'.

He'll run to my desk chair when I walk into the living room and jump up to look at me and wait to get petted and picked up. Purring the whole time. One time I walked over and looked at him and asked what he was doing. He made the motions of getting ready to jump up on me so I patted my chest and he launched right up. The little dude's like a flying squirrel. It's especially amusing when he miscalculates and bounces off of me. I'll get him some goggles and a scarf and call him Rocky.

I used to be nervous about getting laid open but he has a remarkable instinct about not clawing me, just whatever I'm wearing. A little rough on pants and shirts, but that's ok. He's worth it.

Dora just sits on the arm of the chair and head butts me. If I ignore her she body slams me. And she can body slam, sheesh! Finally she'll make like she's going to climb up on my shoulder. By that point I'll sit back and she'll lay in my arm so I can scratch her belly.

They don't carry on when they're hungry - or think they may be soon. They're much more subtle. They just take their food dish and move it in front of the coffee maker.

My notice that the kibbles bowl is getting low.

Dora has discovered the wonders and joy of shredding toilet paper, paper towels - and $20 bills. I rescued the 20 before she got far with it. I had to hide the paper towel supply. And I hold her more often so she's less inclined to express her displeasure via tissue misuse.

I'm working on getting the camera setup on a tripod with a remote shutter release. It's harder than it sounds because I never know when to have everything setup and the lights on etc., etc.

And, of course, any time everything is setup they're both nowhere to be seen.

They probably want union scale.

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