Sunday, May 8, 2016

Bunker Cats Update

It's been two months since I took in my two feline companions and it's been a lot of fun for all of us. They're both starting to morph from cute little kittens into adult cats. They seem happy enough.

Alfred is, well, Alfred, a standard issue Mk1 Mod1 domestic housecat. Affectionate, playful and purrs if I so much as talk to him.

Dora on the other hand is just a little spooky. She plays fetch, sometimes for 20 minutes at a time. It's gotten to the point that's she's bringing her 'birdies' to me while I'm still in bed and then laying next to me apparently waiting for me to play. And last night she saw her brother's picture on my computer screen and freaked out with her tail fur all puffed up.

Dora closely inspects everything I cook and eat. Alfred reminds me if I forget treat time. They both sun themselves in the windows and get very excited when a bird starts chirping or flapping outside. Alfred tries to walk with me and steps on my feet. Poor guy ends up getting kicked.

And Dora still doesn't meow.

They romp, rampage and roam like they own the place. They haven't destroyed anything important yet and the blinds are, by some miracle, still up. They still sleep on the blanket behind my desk chair when I'm home and confine their clawing (mostly) to their cat tree/condo. And they're still using their litterbox.

I'm still working on dissuading them from playing Hop On Pop.

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