Saturday, April 9, 2016

Life With Cats Update

I'm starting to wonder if Dora's mute. I stepped on her paw this afternoon and she didn't scream. Or meow. Hmm. Oh, well, she certainly has other ways of making herself known.

She lay in my arm for over an hour this morning while I listened to the news.  Just snuggled in and purred. Every now and the she'd look up at me to remind me to pet her. Sometimes when I work at my desk she gets very insistent about being held. She'll sit and watch YouTube videos with me or stare at the Bunker Cam video. Other times she follows me around. 

Alfred's getting a little better about being a portable cat. We did a little Super Cat training this morning. Super Cat training consists of 'flying' a cat around then (gently) tossing it onto a soft landing, like a bed, while saying 'Soooper-Cat!'. I'm going to have to get him fitted for his cape pretty soon. He's also getting less afraid to roughhouse with me a little bit.

They both love to get their bellies rubbed. And, oh, the birdie toy! I have the two broken toys on a shelf. Every time I go near the shelf they come over and stare. They're just sticks with an elastic string. The birdies are broken off. But they know there's at least one left. And they really want it.

'Mmm, Birdie'

I got an urgent email from the internet asking me to please, please find another hobby or at least another subject as there is now a vast surplus of cat photos. I'm working on a reply.

It'll probably have at least one cat photo attached.


  1. What application did you use to alter you cat o strophic photo ???

    1. Snap Art from Alien Skin.