Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cats In My Belfry

The Little Infidels are getting acclimated. A week ago they wouldn't come near me, now they won't stay off of me.

Alfred purrs like crazy. He licks and nibbles. A few 'ows' from me and he seems to be getting the picture that biting me is bad. He's all frantic to be petted - with both hands, thank you - and crawls all over me. He'll sit at my feet and jump up on my lap. I put him down and he just jumps right back up. Takes a few tries if I'm trying to get some work done. And he's learning to be a bit more judicious with his claws when jumping up.

Dora is a snugglebunny. She's learning to purr. She likes to help me type and edit photos. She loves to track - and hunt - the mouse pointer. Sometimes she'll sit on the arm of my desk chair and wait for me to pet her. Other times she just jumps up on my back. Yikes! Once in my arms she'll purr and go to sleep. She loves to help me in the kitchen by making sure that I put the food in the dish just right.

And Dora has gas. Terrible gas. We're talking eye-watering, peel the paint off the walls, industrial strength, banned by the Geneva Convention cat farts. The first time they were both on my lap and I didn't know who to blame. The second time, Alfred was nowhere around.

You know what they say - if there are only two people in an elevator and one farts, everyone knows who did it.

I set up a bouncing ball screensaver on my Linux machine and they immediately went ape. (Do apes go 'cat'?) It works out pretty well: cat jumps up, takes a swipe or two at the ball, steps on a key and the ball goes away for 10 minutes...then we start all over again. Not the most cost-effective cat toy, but hey.

They sleep in the living room on the Sherpa blanket. Their sleep and dinner schedule is gradually syncing up with mine. They have all kinds of little stuffed mice, balls with bells and a little birdie on the end of an elastic string and pole. They love that one. Thankfully, you can get cat toys by the bagful for cheap on Amazon.

Cat Foosball

They still freak if I pick them up and carry them around. But we're workin' on that.

They're still in their collars. Kinda' funny to hear the bells going back and forth. And when it gets quiet I go looking around to see what trouble they're getting into.

Nothing's been broken yet, but a few things have been unplugged.

They are both very photogenic - if I'm patient, use a longish lens and a bounce flash.

Hopefully the blue/violet laser will come tomorrow. (Cats see that end of the spectrum better.)

I may end up investing in one of those cat condo tower things.

Who am I kidding? I'm already trying to figure out what I need to move or get rid of to make room for one.

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