Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cat News from Der Bunker

Dora and Alfred are doing well. Dora's the bold one. She trots around me like a bird that swoops closer and closer until it's sure you aren't going to eat it. I assured Dora that my pressure cooker doesn't have a 'Cat' setting. She's still skeptical. She climbs up on stuff and watches me. She still runs when I get up but not as far or as fast. She hangs out in the living room until she gets bored and then trots off.

And Alfred? Alfred's just a sissy. He hides and lets sis take all the risks and then peeks around the corner to see what he can get. This picture sums it up. Dora out front, Alfred waiting to see what happens to Dora.

They found a way into my box springs. I sleep on an infidel hideout. Good thing for them I don't jump into bed.

They have this thing where they get their paws wet in the sink or the tub and then leave muddy pawprints all over. 

Changing the litterbox assured me their appetite and digestive systems are working just fine.  I didn't weigh it, but it felt as if they each generated their own weight in waste in less than a week.

We play laser 'bug' at night and they get treats. Oh, they love those little soft cat treats.

They came with toys and the laser pointer and I got them a soft-sided carrier and collars. I'm being optimistic with the collars.

I'll let you know how the catnip oil spray works out.

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