Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Mighty KBC, Mighty Indeed

I was making a screen recording of SDR# tuned to Radio China International via Cerrik, Albania for a buddy to watch when I noticed a strong signal at 6.040 MHz. Sounded like a throwback to the US's Wolfman Jack days. Pretty entertaining. They identified themselves as The Mighty KBC.

The DJ asked for reception reports and since I was in an ideal position to provide one, I did. You can watch and listen to it (1 minute, 19 seconds) here.

Turns out KBC is based in the Netherlands with their shortwave transmitters in Nauen, Germany and this was their first day on this new frequency. They were kind enough to send me this reception confirmation (QSL):

Kinda' cool. Here's a picture of one of their antennas (from YouTube user alexder7588):

Sure not like the old days, these transmitters are pretty high-tech. No more dozens or hundreds of acres of towers with wires strung in all directions. Just 4 or 5 of these beasts at 125kW and they can broadcast all over the world.

Thanks again to the nice people at The Mighty KBC.