Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mmm, Pi

Ain't no Pi like Raspberry Pi. Affordable, cheap, and cost-effective. And best of all, they don't cost an ARM and a leg.

These little beasts are simply adorable. Small enough to fit in an Altoids tin, powerful enough to run an Asterisk server and with the right hardware you probably could get one to leap over tall buildings.

I got my first one to build a DIY ADS-B receiver. More on that later. I have some *NIX experience so the O/S wasn't a big hurdle. And as a nice bonus, the Linux GUI has improved greatly over the past ten years so it's easier to slowly adapt to the dreaded CLI. The kits have everything you need to get up and running in 15 minutes. There is a bunch of easy to follow on-line documentation and loads of open source software.

Perfect way to get up to your elbows in hardware or software development.

And if you blow one up you're only out about $45. I've already destroyed one. Glad it wasn't a $700 laptop.

Right now I'm trying to get Asterisk to work reliably on a Raspberry Pi. Definitely a steep learning curve for me. I know just enough to be dangerous about all the aspects of the project. As should be expected with any open source hardware and software, this is not a plug-and-chug proposition.

But, hey - that's how you learn and that is actually the point of the whole project!

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